Visiting with my BFF

A lot of great things happened even though the trip to Texas was for a sad unfortunate event. The kids and I stayed at my BFF's house. Liz is an amazing woman. She is a true giver. She does so much for everyone and I am proud and lucky to call her my friend. She comes out to visit me twice a year since it is hard for me to visit with the kids. Though now that they are a bit older I hope to grace her doorstep at least once a year.
While there I told her I was taking pictures so I could give a tour of her house.
She is an amazing decorator and has an awesome talent for creating vignettes.
Lets visit shall we?
Here is the hall tree she has upon entering - see she is welcoming you.
This is her living room. You see this immediately upon entering. Actually right now it has crown molding as my hubby did it for her before he headed back to Afghanistan - it is the least we can do for her.
Notice all the wonderful items on her walls and her very cool lamps.

To the left of the living room is her dining fave room. It is done so well. I adore that sideboard.

Here is her bathroom. Very nice. Though she is getting ready to gut it and redo the whole thing. She even displays the toilet paper in her cool way.

This is her very nice sink. I love the whole area. It was funny as I told her- wow I love that mirror and she laughed and said - well you should you gave it to me. WOW it has been a long time since I have been there.

Next we have her room. Her bedroom furniture is so nice and it is antique. The bed is so high she surely must take a flying leap to get up there. Don't you adore that mirror back there?

See that armoire- yeah you can do the ahhhhh with me. 

Now on to the least favorite room in the house to her - the kitchen. Not that she doesn't like to decorate it - she does. She does not like to cook. She loves big kitchens as they give you tons of room to display and she is a hoarder of she loves to display them all.

This is the far wall in the kitchen..notice that nice hutch. She is going to get a new sink, faucet and counter tops. A mini makeover yeah...she deserves it. 

This is the back family room. She had way more in it but has put some away - basically due to dogs. :)
They rarely use this room now that her son has moved out and has his own place so I told her she should turn it into her craft studio..and she loves that ideal. By the way I didn't get a pic of her craft room as we stayed in there and I always had it too messy. Dang because it is one darling room.

Now we will head out to the back yard. It is a garden to die for. Liz has the most green thumb of anyone I know and her back yard is wonderful. As we enter the backyard we are greeted by this pergola that is covered in cross vine. She has it done so well.

Next we head behind the garage; where this secret garden is..I
love this area. 

This is the seating and cooking area..Don't you just want to lie down and take a nap?

Well that is a tour of Liz's house. We'll head in after one more look at those lady banks roses on the fence line- amazing aren't they? 

Thanks Liz for letting us crash your pad. We had a great time there- well except for the puppy pooping on the floor- gross. I'll have to come again when it is time to set up the craft studio so I can help you out.


  1. Such a wonderful house and so pretty. You can tell she loves her home. Her yard is lovely too. So glad you had a nice visit even if it was a sad circumstance. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a beautiful post! I loved having you here. Reminded me of the good old days! Our home is always open to you and yours! I miss the laughter and joy of the kids here. You know Will's misses all the attention. OK the poop thing is still holding true...he is having a major "learning curve". Ya want a dog? Free? Will deliver? The crown molding that your Hubs put up is so so wonderful!! I have come home from work and had a glass of wine and just sat and stared at it. No Tv just me and my amazing... I love you like a fat kid loves cake and that is a lot! See you in the "Mother Land" of the beautiful state of NC-- 9 days and counting!!
    Blessings by BFF...

  3. Liz really does have a beautiful home. I really like her kitchen, it looks very inviting. Her home is cozy and comfy looking, as well as being lovely. I especially love that yard and the gardens! I would trade mine any day for one like that! Hugs, Cindy S

  4. Thanks for the tour of Liz's house! She has a beautiful place and garden!
    I'm sorry you had to travel for such a sad event, but I'm glad you're home safe and sound.
    thanks for commenting on my giant faux clock... you said your drop leaf table... 2 half circles left. I don't think I've ever seen a round drop leaf table. Maybe I'm just confused! hahah
    have a good weekend

  5. OOooohhh, I want to sit in Liz's back yard. BFF's are the best! And, yours has a wonderful place on top of that. So glad you and yours get to have fun visits in spite of heartaches... that's what friends are for.