Community Garden Time

A few of us in our neighborhood have discussed over the years about leasing a city lot and doing a community garden. Well this year we decided to stop talking about it and do it. The lot is leased and the work began. The lot was covered in trees and tons of ivy and other nastiness that people had littered there for years. 
It was all tilled by Mike and Denise-you go girl she did an amazing job with that large machine. Then compost was spread.

Even the kids got into the act..they are good with shovels and dirt right?

Of course have a trailer with dirt - add kids and it is an instant play place or the worlds largest sandbox.

I'll keep you all posted throughout the summer to see the bumper crop we have.
We did get all the seeds and plants in and have all the posts ready for the fence. It is an ongoing process and one that I am sure we will learn from immensely. I just want some tomatoes, cukes, corn and some zucchini and I'll be happy. Here's to sunny days and a low water bill.


  1. What a wonderful idea! We have one of those in our community that gives to the food bank. I grew veggies when my kids were little, it always helped them eat their veggies, they took pride in what they grew. Best of luck to you guys!