Techie help needed here- Help..

UPDATE: I figured out that it does update if you follow it now. So, it will show up as the old name unless you go back and readd it to your blog roll. Whew I am slowly getting this stuff. Hard to catch up to all these kids in the techie field.
Okay I tried. I really did. I change the name from before to Tattered and timeless everywhere I saw that I could change it. But it still shows on blog rolls as the old name. Even if I try to follow someone it still shows as the old - tammy of yarborough house.
Is there a way to change the name of the blog as people see it without starting a new blog? Just wondering. I am so at a loss with this stuff....


  1. Tammy,
    So frustrating isn't it?

    I am sorry i do not know about what you are talking about, how to fix it or anything.
    I've never changed my blog name.

    I know there are some who have and I'm sure one of them will help you through it.
    Then we will have another thing we will want/need to learn.
    It is an ongoing process, but that is how all of life is.
    You'll get it figured out eventually. =0)


    barbara jean

  2. I think I remember reading something about this in the book that we bought about blogging. Check it out. I cant find my book I am sure it is the "scary room" which once was the craft room till the holidays came and the kids came home for a visit!

  3. I did change the name of my blog and if I remember correctly I had to change it in the setting and publishing tabs on my dash board. I hope that helps.

  4. I don't know.. you could always start a new blog and then just redirect people???

  5. I'm coming your way from Zuzu's place. I am so tech challenged that I am just fortunate to be able to blog at all. I love the look of your header. I have a thing for fabrics (although I can't sew) and yarn (I do crochet). At times it does seem hard to find your little niche in this world of blogging. I love all your furniture redos and that robin's egg blue is just wonderful. I just can't seem to work it into my color scheme at the moment. Blogging has opened me up to so many different ideas and inspirations and motivates me each day to get my craft on even if I am not as crafty and talented as some. I do what I can do for me! Wishing you all the best. Peace & blessings, Tammy

  6. You came up as Tattered & Timeless for me, I think you've fixed it.

  7. I'm seeing
    Tattered and Timeless on mine! I thnk you've got it!