Happy New Year

New Years Eve.
It has become a day that I do not look forward to. I actually go to bed around 10 pm because I have been thinking that it is a depressing night. It just shows me all the things that I have not accomplished that I wanted to or shows me that my life pretty much didn't amount to much that year. It made me sad.
This past year was a difficult or rather eye-opening year for me.
I lost people who I thought were friends because they no longer needed to use us or we didn't have anything they wanted any more. My neighborhood has become all drama based on lies that these users have spread and it is not fun to do things.
But I have also gained alot. I have made many new friends here on the blog and on the cottages and bungalow forum. Friends that only want to be my friend - no ulterior motives behind it.
I have a best friend in Texas that is my sole lifeline at times and keeps me sane and happy although from afar. She travels to visit me twice a year and it keeps my happiness level high. I have a family that loves me no matter what crazy or strange thing I am doing. I have kids that bring happiness and joy into my life everyday by all means imaginable. I have a husband who does so much for others that it sometimes infringes on our time but I am proud that he does that. I have a sister who shares my love for crafts and is such an inspiration to me. I have a mom who loves my kids almost as much as I do and wants to be with them as much as possible.
I have so much and I am determined to start looking for just the positive from now on. Letting the negative just slide by as it only gets importance if I give it that time.
Every year I make huge New Years resolutions of big grandiose plans and then become upset that they never come to see the light of day. Well this year I am doing things different. I want to start LIVING and ENJOYING life. I want to THRIVE.
And I am going to start by making resolutions that actually mean something to me.
My 2010 resolutions are:
1. I am not going to try to lose half my body weight I am just going to try to be healthy.
2. I am not going to get upset if the house is a mess if it means I am spending quality time with my kids.
3. I am not going to try to cook good meals every day of the week so I can spend fun times with the family.
4. I am not going to try to have a garden worthy of a magazine but rather one that brings me joy, happiness and some weeds.
5. I am not going to try to do too many things but rather enjoy the things I do now.
I figure I can accomplish my "not" list.
How about y'all?
What do you plan to do this New Year?


  1. We don't do any New Years celebrating. "Early to bed, early to rise" -- that's the motto around here for the most part, even holidays and weekends. I gave up trying to keep the house perfect some time back. Too much dust in Kuwait, boys and a cat -- just can't be done. NO is my favorite word. If I don't want to do something, I don't. I love crafting and surround myself with people who love and/or appreciate the handmade gift. I also surround myself with joyful people as life is too short to be surrounded by negativity or toxic people. My resolution is to craft a little, clean a little every day. To stay positive and not dwell on the negative little things that don't have any meaning in the grand scheme of life. Wishing you health and happiness, peace and love in 2010! Blessings, Tammy

  2. I HEAR you!! I am going to avoid resolutions, too... but, I am going to work on some goals. To Thrive. The part about focusing on the positive.... I think that is the key. We are always going to have less than desirable events, happenings, people, attitudes, obligations, etc in our lives... but, we don't need to give them any more energy or thought than we have to. You've already started on the challenge! =) I'll be working on it this week, too.

  3. Hi Sweet Tammy! I love your list. It sounds wonderful. I'm still mulling over my hopes for the new year but I think it boils down to 1)choosing joy 2) Simplifying.

  4. Those are some great resolutions. I think the American mindset is always bigger & better (or smaller, when it somes to our waist line!) Contentment and moderation are much more attainable and rewarding. How great of you to recognize that.

    About your comment on my blog...my Hobby Lobby is about 45 minutes away as well. I live in rural PA, but fortunately we have several larger towns to shop in that are about 45min - 1 hour away. Hope you get to yours soon. I bet that gift card is on fire!

  5. Hi Tammy, I love your list! I should have chosen a do "not" list as well. Instead I've chose as my resolutions to menu plan and to listen to the 1 year daily audio Bible podcast. I'll have to consider a do not resolution list next year.

  6. I am so sorry you have had such a rough year. It is so hard when friends turn their back on you.

  7. I love the new name.I will see
    if I stop folowing AND THEN RE-FOLLOW IF IT CHANGES