Trash Time !

Trash time normally means taking the trash to the street, but when my best friend Liz comes to visit from Texas it means : Time to make "trash mix".
Throw all the ingredients in a trash bag. Why? Because it makes so much and it needs to be shaken and mixed well.
Time to put it in large baking pans to put it in the oven.
Now it is baking. Once done we did not have enough containers to hold it all, but that is okay as my kids will eat it quickly.
Thanks Liz. Come again and we'll do it again.


  1. I wish you would have cropped me into a size 9 prior to posting! Since getting home last nite, I have thought of a million things to talk to you about! I miss you and am counting down till I come back in May!!

  2. No problem Liz, once I get photoshop we'll be a size 5 forever :) Can't wait till May..