the queen of hearts

Sophie did not want to wear her angel of death costume for a third year and I don't blame her.  So, she came up with the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.  Now my girl does not like any cutesy costumes they need to be weird, scary or just plain odd.  This look hit two of those.

I did not use a pattern but found an inspiration photo and went from this:

I started with a pile of stuff: black and red fine tulle for the outer skirt, black stiff tulle for the underskirt, a black t shirt, some white tulle for the collar, felt and some trim.

Tulle is a pain in the butt to work with.  It slides all over when sewing it.  And with many layers it is even more difficult to do.

The original had harlequin ribbon.  It was a key part of the look.  We hit all the craft and fabric stores in town but no ribbon was to be found.  Heck not even any harlequin fabric could be found.  So, I had to make my own.  It was more difficult figuring out how to draw it then to get it all done.  I used plain white cotton and then colored the harlequin with Sharpe marker.  The equivalent to duct tape - works in a pinch always :)

 The first fitting was going well.

 I finished it while Sophie was at school.  It looks good to me..

It looks great on my dress form - Josephine.  I hope it looks even better on Sophie.

We shall see how it fits her. 

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