beach time at topsail island

We always go to the beach over the 4th of July.  This year was going to be no different even if we are in Texas.  Since we needed to move a bunch of stuff back to NC we figured we'd roll in a vacation too.  We loaded the truck, suburban and two trailers with things we weren't going to need the next year and headed home to NC.

Unloaded the trailers and all the stuff, visited our cool house we miss so much, slept on blow up mattresses then hit the road to Topsail Island. We were excited as our son Jon would be meeting us there.  Unfortunately, Josh couldn't get off work.  A new beach this year as we wanted to take our dog- Boone.

Ahh the beach - this is what life is about and this is why we chose Topsail Island- they allow furry family members to play in the sand also.

The gangs all here (except Joshie) - missed you bud.

The umbrellas are a staple for Hebert Holiday.  I can't be in the sun much because of meds.  But I think we need a bigger tent instead..

Just the girls...

And the dudes...

A tradition- the one who finds the most scallops wins.

This boy- I adore him.  I love his love for life, his energy, his warmth, his caring self.  My Jack...

This boy- well young man is trying but loving, full of life, knows what he wants and is getting Jon.


Could sand time be any more fun?  Jack is our sand he stays in that sand without freaking out is beyond me.  Aren't they too cute?

Sophie's turn to be buried in the sand..she did not last long as she takes after me and started to freak out and needed out NOW.  

Trying to build a castle or a village...

These kids love the is why we go every year. We need a condo or beach house so we can do this all summer.  That would rock by the way- just saying.

This girl is my sunshine, my mini-me, full of sass and attitude, a loving girl one moment and a witch the next.  She is a gymnast and a daredevil... my Sophie.

She seems to be a budding model too...Watch out Sports Illustrated or the remake of Baywatch :)

The beach was amazing.  I love going there.  Even though I don't get in the water too much it is just the way the whole place relaxes things for me.  In my next life or heck in this one I want to live there year round.  That is my dream place.

Till next summer Topsail Island...

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