schools out for summer

Well they did it. They made it through a year of school at Sheppard Elementary.

Sophie's year was not what she had hoped.  It was an extremely difficult year for her.  She is a friendly, outgoing girl who loves to make friends.  But this school - or more to the point - her class was not any of those.  There was one girl- Leilani - who is the queen of the nasty girls club. She tells the girls in the class who they can be friends with and who to dislike.  It was hard for Sophie.  Then on top of that her teacher was the adult version of Leilani.  Oh well here's to 4th grade being a much better year..

Bye Bye 3rd grade - hello 4th grade.

The photo above shows Sophie on the last day of third grade holding a photo of her from the first day.

Jack had a great year.  He is very shy and usually has a hard time making friends.  He made many friends and had boys to play with all the time.  He also found a love of math through an amazing teacher - Mrs. Hill. Mrs. Rodriguez rocked at Science and got him loving it so much.   All of his teachers were awesome. On to 6th grade next year..the last year at this elementary school -

Bye Bye 5th grade - hello 6th grade.

The above photo shows Jack on the last day of 5th grade holding a photo of himself from the first day of school.

My 4th grade girl and 6th grade boy.  So proud of you both.

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