sheppard elementary field day

When I was younger I loved field day at the end of school.  It was a time to compete in all things track and field.  No different now-except in Texas it is crazy hot outside.  ugh.

Ready - set - GO!!!

Jack and his buddy Joey.

Sophie and her bestie M'lia.

Its the beginning of field day for Sophie's 3rd grade class. It was a bit sad as all the schools classes had team shirts. Well except Sophie's class.  Seems her teacher who believes in doing the bare minimum to collect a paycheck felt it best to not do them nor ask parents for any help.  It was embarrassing and wrong on so many levels.  Have to say - don't like that woman at all.

Next up is Jack's 40 yard dash.    Ready, set....

Love to see this boy run.  He loves running.

Look at him go.

 Even his teacher Mrs. Atkins got in on the fun. She is a first year teacher and she has so much enjoyment for it.  She was a great motivator all year long. 

Now, Sophie's 40 yard dash....ready set - GO


The girl is competitive in all she does.  She gets that from her mama.  :)

She has such a great love for all athletics.  

Now if there is anything Sophie can do well- Hula Hooping is right up there with Gymnastics.

Girl loves to HOOP!!!

They even did a sack race.


But my favorite to watch was the hurdles.  You'll see why.

The girl has air..jeesh

 I am saddened that not many photos of Jack were had.  I couldn't find his class and by the time I did find them they were almost done with outdoors.  Next year I will be better at it.

5th and 3rd grade done -on to 6th and 4th.

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