sheppard elementary awards day

Usually I hate awards days at schools.  Why?  Because they are basically for the suck ups -teachers pets or the kids who come to school sick all year and make my kids ill just so they can get their perfect attendance award.  Seriously?  Why is there an award for that anyway- get a life kids.  Take a day off and have some fun.  haha

But we figured we'd try it out here at a new school - if it went badly like before we'd just skip it next year.  I was pleasantly surprised it was based on academic achievements not who is the teachers' favorite kids.

Sophie's class is ready to go...

Here she is getting her Commendation in Reading for the STAAR test.

 Here she is getting her all A's honor roll. 

I am so proud of you my smartie pants Sophie!!!

Next up its Jack's turn.

Yes, Jack got commendation on Reading in the STAAR test.  You rock Jack !!!!

Here he is getting his other awards and a hug from his awesome teacher- Mrs. Atkins.

It was an amazing day.  I can't wait to do it again next year.

Rock on kiddos--- keep up those grades.

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