our texas halloween "porch"

As this is still October we do not have our "fall" porch up yet.  That happens after Halloween in this house.  Why?   Because October belongs to all things scary here; inside and out.
Bring on the spooky.
Welcome to our new porch at our military base house..not quite a porch, as it more a landing.  And the hard part is we are not permitted to hook ANYTHING to the fake brick.  ughhhh 

We do the outside like the inside- spooky, scary and eerie.

Lots of skulls, skeletons, dead body parts, heads and webs..If it represents scary death then it is there.

You will notice there are not many fun autumn colored plants.  Again not our option- we are under drought stage 4 which doesn't allow us to water whenever we want - thus no fun flowers. We planted zombies instead.

porch tour 2013 6

 From us here in Texas...Happy Halloween.
Here's to your porch being scary, kids having fun and lots of left over chocolate candy for yourselves.

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