our first halloween in texas

We've recently moved here to military base housing in Texas.  It has been a challenge making it our own. You know rules that must be followed and not many changes to be made on a permanent basis.Welcome to our foyer.  There is a big opening that we closed up with an old screen door and my table that painted.  We like it creepy here.

Notice the book- To Kill A Mockingbird..hahaNext we tried to spookify a boring kitchen...

Then we stroll into the dining room..scary, spooky and fun.
 Do you decorate your bathrooms?  We did one..haha

We love to fill glass with scary items..heads- yes doll heads- they are funny in a scary way, skulls, rats etc..

Well with that I'll leave you - Happy Halloween All.  Whether you do it subtle, fun or gory it is a great day to have fun.  Here's to much candy in your bag at the end of the evening.

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