summer filled with swimming

While cooped up in the tiny apartment waiting for out military base house to become available required finding things to keep the kids entertained and thus keeping me sane.  
Enter Swim lessons.  The kids are fish as it is but their strokes needed a bit of finesse.

Learning to breathe on the side was this lesson..looks like they are doing fine.  Is it just me or is it crazy that kids NEED goggles today?  We were totally fine with having bloody red sore eyes when I was younger :)

He still wants to breathe from the front.  But it is getting better.

She's doing better.  Look at that arm- we call it the ugly arm.  It is the one that she broke the growth plate and it just looks odd all the time.

But the thing they have fallen in love with this summer is- DIVING.  They love diving from the side and would do it over and over if allowed.
Are your kids taking swim lessons this summer?
And how young do you think it is good to join a competitive swim team?  That is something we are contemplating at this time.

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