NC Family Room Reveal

Welcome to my family room.  This is our home in NC.  We are now in Texas for 3 years but can't wait to get back home and live in this room again.

It is pretty sparse as we needed it that way to show for rentals and pictures.  The sofas are our leather ones we ordered from Club Furniture- the Parker Sofa.  They have been here for over 6 years with 4 kids and a dog and a husband and they are still as wonderful as the day we got them.  The chair is one waiting for a renovation but boy is it comfortable.  In the spring we usually swap out the winter rug for our summer sisal  but it was heavy to move :)  My trunk you see in the back corner was my first ever auction purchase- yep $15 over 25 years ago.

As you can see- pretty sparse.  I was working on something for that long wall but then we found out time to move.  And anyone who has plaster walls knows you really think before you put holes in them as they leave a mess when you take them out
I adore this room.  It is where we spend most time as a family watching many family movies together.  Can't wait to come back home in 3 years and remodel it again.

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