a serene master bedroom

Anyone with kids knows the master bedroom rarely gets done.  You take care of them and forget yourself.No difference here.  We've lived here for over 6 years.  But we never got around to this room.  I kept trying but got called elsewhere.  It has neutral walls but with the upcoming move I decided to at least start..get the furniture how I want it.

It is sparse but I like it that way.  No extra clutter which means stress to me.  And I still have to paint the window and door trim white.
As awesome parents we gave up our huge walk in closet to create another bathroom for all our kids.  With that said - what do we do with our clothes?  Enter IKEA :

Love them.  The two doors on each end are a his and hers closet with double hanging poles.  And the two center doors enclose a his and her drawer system.  I say - how can you go wrong with IKEA?
Here's a peek at our master bath..love it.

It isn't done but it will have to wait until we get back in 3 years..but it worked great while we were there.  I think I see light grey walls when we get back though..or maybe just plain white.  Who knows - love paint.
What do you think?  With the grey furniture what would you do the walls in?

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