a new - old entertainment center

WE all love the new flat screened TVs but the decorators in us hate them over the fireplace or on the walls most of the time.  Enter a piece of furniture to put the TV on.  And it couldn't be any old piece of furniture- it had to be an old piece remade for today.

It all started out as an old broken piece of furniture we found at Clines in the back of a barn in the dark:  ( If you ever want a fun day full or junkin' and finding great deals head on out there)

We had to make a new top and then add some shelves inside for the media components hubby insists we need.

First it got a nice paint job with some Annie Sloan chalk paint in pure white.

Notice all the lovely details the piece has on it:

We also used Annie Sloan clear wax on the top of the unit to give it a clean fresh look.   We decided against hardware, going with rope handles instead.

It came out wonderful.

What do you think of it?

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