Sophie's 8th birthday party

It is only2 away from double digits. It is too old too soon.
It is her last party here for 2 years.  And two of her best friends are also moving soon.  So, she wanted a slumber party.  I will say for the record a slumber party for boys is cool. They are laid back.
A slumber party for girls is way overrated.  They are loud and full of drama.

 We started the night off with food.  We had them make their own pizzas to eat for dinner.

After that they were brought into the dining room to eat their pizzas.  Yes, that is 5 girls - one still not there.

The birthday girl.

This is one of her besties.. Payton.  She used to own this house. We bought if from them.  She is a hoot.

 Present time.  Notice their lovely makeup?  Yes they made themselves up.  I'd say they need to work on that a lot before the time comes to really wear it.

After gift time was cake time.  Sophie does not like cake so she decided on a glazed donut cake instead.   We added tall candles and a baby sized bunting.

It was a great night.  A loud night.  A night filled with drama.  And a night I'm glad we did but not sure I want to ever do it again.  Ugh.

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