hey girl...Kirk style

We have all seen the Ryan Gossling memes if not pinterest has a whole board of them for you to see.  But a  fun blogger lady from Bliss Ranch though what the hell- lets make our own with our hubby's and share them for Valentines day.

 " Hey girl..."  starring my hubby Kirk.  (yeah he will probably kill me later so I better get it done before he gets home from work.

Yes, sorry it is true.  I leave all the hard playing to him while I relax.  Well it is my ONLY vacation each year. :)

He is the brawn behind all projects.  I can use that saw no problem but I do like to leave it to him.  And we do make many cuts over and over. He is a gem that he doesn't complain.

I decided to open a booth in a big mall right after I had my surgery.  NOT the smartest move but hubby was all over it.  He built it and I glued all those pages on the walls.  No complaints at all- he rocks.

Yes,  I bought a cool fridge that wouldn't fit through the door to the kitchen so one thing led to another and we ended up gutting and redoing the whole kitchen.  It was for the best but just not the intended goal.  He was great with it and went right along with the craziness.

I love to go junking and well it usually is on the weekend.  And it usually is during football season.  He tapes his UT games to watch later and willingly rummages through tons of crap to find the jewels.
Yep he may not be Ryan Gosling but he is mine.  Go check out all the other funny ones over at Bliss Ranch.   They will have you laughing non-stop.
love ya Kirk,

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