a Yard Sale of sorts..

 Got stuff?
Oh yes we do.  Too much stuff.

I am so used to doing yard sales outside..yes it is either cold and windy or blazing hot.  But as we downsize considerably for our move this summer.  I have been snapping pictures of stuff and putting it into an album on Facebook and well it is like an auction.  I get messages and comments of people saying- want it, mine, put it in my pile.  It is going fast and I don't even have to go outside.  What a wonderful concept. 

There is quite a bit to get rid of as I am clearing out an attic of "might use someday stuff", a garage of "project to be done", and stuff we have just tired of or will have no room for. 
But it is all going to people I know so that makes me feel good. 

This has been fun..now back to finding more stuff to sell,


  1. Great idea to post on FB. I surely wish I lived near you!
    Have fun,

  2. I'd love half that stuff... of course I'd need to live just a bit closer :(