A new beginning - sort of

  I spent a lot of time over the Christmas holidays and also while recuperating from surgery on where this blog is going, what is happening and changes needed.

I decided to let Tattered & Timeless go business wise- for many reasons but the most important being freedom and time.  With that I want a clean break from it.
I want to go back to blogging about life at home.  Projects that will be used by ME, not sold.  Recipes of something I might love.  And just everyday family events.  Basically - OUR life.

We live in a historical home and I love old things so everything we do tends to take that into account.  So why not change it all up but keep it related to us.
Thus introducing circa-1929  my new blog to be.  I have bought all the domain stuff needed and will be working with someone to get it all moved over.  Yes my old posts here will be put on that blog - no sense in reinventing the wheel so to speak.  But I will be adding to them.

The main change for the short feature will be diy at a "rental" - base housing.  That should prove fun as it is a builders, plain house with all white walls.  And absolutely no character to speak of.  So, I will be sharing ways to had charm and character to a place that can't be permanent.  And then sharing Texas with you all.

Don't worry we'll be back to the lovely house above after hubby has finished his last flying assignment and retired.  Then boy do we have projects planned..some involve an engineer to see if we can wipe out some big walls, moving a kitchen and more.

Just follow along and see what happens -


  1. Sounds great Tammy and I'll be following you to your new blog! Good luck and have fun.

  2. Good luck on your PCS and the new blog. I will be following along.

  3. Have a great time with your new blog!

  4. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

  5. I'll be looking forward to your new blog ~ All best luck with your PCS!

  6. Sounds exciting, can't wait!
    Thanks for inviting us along!

  7. So you will move to Texas for a few years then move back to this house? Am I reading that right?