{ Advent Countdown- Tutorial }

Hurry wake up.  Time to see what is in the calendar.  
I love hearing that during the countdown to Christmas.  
The excitement, the joy, the kids just running to see. 

 Usually I take the easy way out for advent calendars.  I buy the cheapie cardboard one with all the doors full of chocolate from World Imports.  
But this year easy eluded me.  I could not get to World Imports.  
(Surgery and no driving allowed after)
So, I searched the great google and found a nice easy tutorial that I could tweak for our use.
I found it at maya*made.

All I needed were toilet paper tubes, mini clothes pins, wrapping paper, tape, staples, and a frame.  Easy enough right?

Step 1.  Take a toilet paper tube and staple the bottom closed.

Step  2.  Cut a piece of fun wrapping paper to cover the tube.

Step 3.   Tape paper around the tube securing on sides and bottom.

 Step 4.  Don't forget to tuck in at top and secure.  (Don't want to see toilet paper roll)

 Step 5.  Repeat steps 1-4 twenty three more times. :)

Step 6.  Print out little number tags, stamp them with numbers 1-24. 

 Step 7.  Cut tags out and glue them to the front of the tubes.

Step 8.  Hook all the tubes to the chicken wired frame using your mini clothes pins.  Make sure they are in order- your kids will point it out if they are not.  Believe me. 

 Final step.  Fill with candy and small treats.  

Do you make advent calendars?  Link up some ways you do them in comments.


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  1. This is so very cute!!!...My granddaughter has her own advent calendar, but I am going to make this one for her next year!...So very creative!!