{ Ribbon Tree Tutorial }

 I've had a great deal of questions on how to make these little gems.   

As I don't have any of the supplies at this time and do not forsee buying them this season I will try my best to describe it in easy steps.  

Here goes:

First I used paper mache cones I bought from Michaels.  There were two sizes.

I then painted them the predominant color of the ribbon I was to use so if any of the cone showed you wouldn't see paper brown color. 

Then select the ribbon you wish to use and get a few rolls of each pattern.

Cut pieces between 3-4 inches long.

Glue these pieces in half putting a dab of hot glue at the ends (wrong sides together).  
Make a big pile of all patterns.

Determine the pattern you wish to use.

Starting at the bottom and using a hot glue gun, glue the little loops around the cone with the ends of the loops barely touching the bottom of the cone. 

Then continue with more rows having the loops overlap the previous row - hiding the tops where the glue tops are. 

Keep going until you hit the top.

You will notice now you have ugly ends at the tip.
This is where you take some left over loops and glue them into a flower top and glue it to the top.  Then take a piece of ribbon and wrap it around where the two ends meet to hide it. 

 Like this..

 I hope this helps for all who have asked.  I will try to answer any questions you might have.  

Merry Christmas, 


  1. Thanks for the great tutorial! I hope you are feeling better a little more every day ~

  2. Great Great Great project!

    wich width do you used ? how many yards ?


    Renee Claude

  3. Beautiful ! I can't wait to try it ? Thanks !