{ it's all in a brand }

They say in business it is all in a brand.  I agree with that. 
 The choosing of a name is not only personal but also the way your audience and customers will identify with you.  I also believe that how you present that brand is just as important.  Since I am a maker of handcrafted items I strove to have all things touched by this hand.  
I designed my own business cards and tags, printed them, cut them out, adorned them with extras - all to express me and my aesthetic. 

Then real life kicked in.  Yes I was taking so long creating the tags that it became crazy to get items ready to sell.  I had to rethink it all.  

So I designed a look that would be similar minus a few of the steps.  
Yes, I have them printed now.  Much easier and quicker.  And I don't add anything to them.  
NO dimension which is hard for me to accept but it has to be done.  

This is how they turned out..they should be here soon. 

I will still make handmade ones for conferences and such but this is amazing 
for everyday use.  

Have you changed something to make life a bit easier on you?


  1. Yes. Your design is strong and yet retains the handmade look you created. Always happy when I learn something fresh that I can have a good think about. Love the crumpled paper/lace look.

  2. Beautiful! Where did you get them done? Jenny

  3. @Jenny Sellars

    Jenny- I designed them on my computer than uploaded them to Vista Print...