{ I'm going with my best friend }

Yep that's right.  
I am finally making it to a blogger's conference.  

My best friend, Liz is flying in to visit me for two weeks in October.  To help with my last Cameron Day sale and hang out.  I thought what more fun could we have than at a blogger's conference. 
So I bought us our tickets today and booked our hotel room.  Watch out Raleigh - here we come.
Ok it up the road about 30 miles but I want the whole "girl bonding" experience so we shall stay the night.  And heck it is a break from the kids- win win right. 

So besides that wonderful break what else am I excited to do there?
Well I can't wait to meet new people from the blogging world.  I want to see and learn as much as I can.  And I want to glean some rejuvenation.  I've been sort of out of blogging sorts and I am sure this will get me motivated again. 

Looking forward to this..can't wait. 
Oh and my friend Kristen at Sophia's Decor is in charge of the painting seminar - that should be fun.  

see ya all soon, 
tammy  & liz

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  1. I am going to be at the conference, too! Looking forward to meeting you!