{ beach 2012 }


Our family beach trip is always over the 4th of July week.  This was no different except that Kirk was still deployed and this was the first time it was all on me.  I am not the best or most confident swimmer so things were going to be a bit different this time.  For one I couldn't take the kids waaaayyyy out like they like to go.  And I also don't fish so that was out.  We did manage to have a good time anyways. 

Lots of water time:

Lots of sand time:

For teen son, always lots of texting time :

Boogie board time:

Tie Dying time:

Bird feeding time: 

Time for some competitive running: 

Time for some relaxing kite flying:

Always time for more ocean waves:

And we couldn't leave without some watermelon eating contest time:

Some medal winning time- oh yes she did come in 3rd place in that watermelon eating. So proud. 

Some water games time:

Yes we had a great time.  Can't wait to do it again - but next time Daddy has to be there :)

Until next year,  tammy

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