{ Spring 2012 Cameron Street Fair }

First off- thank you so much to all you wonderful blogging buddies.  You left me such great comments that truly lifted me in this terrible funk I am in.  It was a better day today and I am sure little by little it will get better each day.  
Well I figured I'd share the Cameron Spring Street Fair with you..yea it was on the 5th and I am a bit late..but as they say- better late than never right?

It was a wonderful day- sunny and kind of hot- which helped the kids with their water sale.  Here are some photos..
Welcome to the booth space of Tattered & Timeless featuring art by Whimsy Art Studio

 We had so much that we had to overflow into the yard.  Thank goodness it is my sisters house so we can use as much room as we want.  Notice the ceiling tin frames?  Yep they sold out quickly and I had tons of people asking if I"d have them in the fall..Yes, yes I will :)

 That wonderful kindergarten table with the chalkboard top sold to a great Mom and some wonderful kids.  I am sure there will be lots of great memories made on that table..and a lot of beautiful messes too.
 Lets meander inside shall we? 

 Oh yeah we have fun shoppers don't we? 

The drop cloth banners were popular.  I like the easy projects.  
Unlike those difficult chairs - nope they did not sell :(  

 Glitter letters are always popular.  I had a few people try to buy my metal trifold that they are displayed on.  It is funny when people want to buy your display pieces..like hello?  It was hard to find it :)

 They gray china hutch turned buffet did not sell. But the grey table and four chairs went to a wonderful young lady. The cow ottoman is still available- unless Sophie snags it for her room. 

 You will notice all of my sisters art in the background.  She is an amazing artist and also does custom work if you are interested.  Whimsy Art Studio is the place to find her art.

 I got a little smarter this show.  I set up our smaller brown tent to do the cash wrap there in the shade.  Heck I even ran an extension cord out to it and had a shop fan in there.  Yes we were styling and cool.  Mom is watching over everything at this point. 

 Can't go wrong with large chicken wire frames.  They are wonderful for organizing things in an office or studio.  

 Ahhh Fisher, the beach dresser, sold rather quickly.  And so did Old Glory.  Seems the more unique items went quickly.  I need to find more flat front dressers to do some new ideas on. 

 There's my favorite little man - love Jack. 
The old mirrors turned into chalkboards sold rather well also. 

 And here were the best sellers of the day.  Jack and Sophie sold out of water half way through the day.  Yep they were the most successful.  And as cute as they were they had one man pay them to sit in the chair and one just left them a tip because they were cute.

Well that's it for Tattered & Timeless in Cameron until October 2012.
We do have a show in Marshville at Olde Tyme Marketplace.
Sunday at the Marketplace on June 24.  Stop by to see us then.  
Hope everyone is having an amazing summer. 
what's on your agenda? 


  1. I didn't realize you got to do that in your sister's front yard, that is cool! I bet that is a fun event to go to! Glad today was a better day!

  2. Everything looks great, Tammy! Remind me when we get closer to October so that I can be sure to put it on the calendar!

  3. Wow Tammy, when do you find time to do all those great projects? What great stuff! Congrats to the young entrepreneurs too!

    I'm way behind on blog reading and just saw your last post. I have so much respect and appreciation for military families. We have a nephew deployed in Afghanistan and his wife is waiting in Alaska with two little boys. I'm praying for all of you. Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. did you also make those red white and blue bags??? they are so cute!! I want one!!! Great displays love your blog!

  5. Looking good! Glad you sold some furniture!


  6. Your booth looks FABULOUS Tammy - you (and your sister) are pretty dang talented!!!

  7. Hey Tammy ~ your space looks great! You girls did a fantastic job!
    Keeping smiling!