The show that mother nature didn't want to happen

Yes, we loaded up on Saturday.  
We rose at 430 am on Sunday to get ready to make the long 2 hour drive to Marshville.  
We drove the whole way in pouring rain.  
We sat in the car for about 45 minutes waiting for it to subside. 
 Then we dove out and got the tent up, loaded the furniture out and set up.  
Beth's store- Olde Tyme Marketplace was beautiful.  The plants were delivered and were to die for.  
But the show?  
Well it basically wasn't a great one.  
Old Mother Nature had decided she did not want a show.  
So, she stayed cold, windy and sporadically rained on us all day. 
Here we are in all our rainy glory. 

 My sister, Trisha's art work..Whimsy Art Studio.

 Lots of pillows, art, sewn items, fun stuff to be had.

 See my sister, with her gloves on?  yes it was freezing cold..

 Had to cover up some of the furniture to protect it from the rain.

I enjoyed only doing the smaller tent rather than our huge one we use in Cameron. 

I snapped some quick pictures between rain drops of a few other vendors..
Here is Joey's space.  He is the "mayor" of Olde Tyme Marketplace.  
He helped us out with our tent and was such a great guy to meet.  
Always up and optimistic.  Very fun and wonderful new friend. 

This was Kirby's space.  
She brought a few things to try the show out.  She has the greatest sense of humor.  
You must stop by her blog and read up on her. 

This was the famous BBQ food booth.  
I swear not many people braved the rain to shop; but they sure did brave the rain to get that
 BBQ that sold out. 

And Beth had these out decorating everywhere. 
 I love the simplicity of the buckets but with the added saying on them - well that just made them

It might have been a terrible day weather wise but it was a great day to meet new people
 and make new friends. 
I learned many things that day:
Friends are wonderful.
Fun can be had even in the worst situations.
And Annie Sloan dark wax can get water on it and not have it affect it at all.  
But the clear wax is not such a great thing at all.
 ( A couple dressers got water on the tops and spotted all up.  ugh have to redo them. )

Will I head down there again to do another show?  
You bet I will.  I like the vendors I met that braved the cold. 
 I can't wait to meet the ones that come later on. 



  1. Yay! Thanks for the shout-out, Tammy! Dennis and I will definitely do the show again, too...not sure when (probably not June or July, due to travels). It was good to meet folks, and lots of folks had good information about other shows. We're going to try to check out Cameron in May.

  2. We hope you are able to cone back again.
    Enjoyed meeting you guys.
    Great items in you booth.

  3. I love all the things you transform! I'd be in heaven at your booth. I wish they had shows like this where I live. I'd have gone very happily in the rain and all. Have a great day! <3

  4. :((( bummer. That has happened to us before too. All I can say is that id does create a bit of pent up demand and the next sale should be bigger and better as a result.
    Hang in there. :D

  5. That's one thing you can't plan on, the weather!
    Love your attitude though and your booth!!

  6. Oh that's too bad about the weather Tammy, your booth looked great when it wasn't raining!