She's 7...

Sophie, the princess, turned 7 on Saturday.  She was such a great little lady.  She had a tea party for her friends and it was a fairy themed tea party at that. 
And I might be biased but they are a cute bunch of fairies.
 They all learned the proper way to drink tea even though they had pink lemonade in their tea pots.  They had little finger sandwiches of turkey and cheese and peanut butter and nanas. 
 Here they are being taught by Miss Christina of Afternoon Tea - the nuances of a proper tea.  (Notice that pretty chalkboard- yep I made it. )
 It's that time..Time to turn 7. 
 She had a great day with lots of family, friends and wonderful gifts.
How did she grow so fast?  This little girl now - from this little baby then.
Happy Birthday my little princess.  I love you more than you will ever know.  You bring me sunshine every day and I thank the Lord for you all the time.  
What a gift I got with you- Good things certainly did come to me while waiting.  I got you. 
love you much, mommy


  1. That was beautiful!! She will love to read that again when she gets older <3

  2. How cute! Little girl parties are the best, aren't they? My Lily is 6...I'd bet those two would get along great! Love your cute chalkboard too!