A beachy dresser...

So on my most recent trip to Clines - yes the motherland of junkers and pickers I picked up three dressers.  I had an idea of ones that I wanted to do but kept an open mind.  I found this dresser:

It has the nicest, calmest - reminds me of the beach -old blue paint on it.  Well it has it on the sides, back and front frame and well the top but that top is one hot mess. The drawers are all sanded.  I think someone had an idea but just didn't follow through with it.  

I am going to keep the lovely blue on all of it but the top.  It had some sort of glued on gunk that we had to scrape off so I am sanding it down to the natural wood to match the drawer fronts.  

What am I going to do with it you ask?  Well I am going to paint all the NC beach names on the front then lightly paint a white wash glaze over it.  I can't wait to see it when done.
Don't worry I will share the final look with you.  You'll have to give me some time.

What beaches have you been dreaming of lately?


  1. The West Coast of coarse - surfing beaches. Sounds like a fun project, but too much time. I have gotten myself into quite a project with an Italian Desk - check it out on my last post.

  2. I just didn't want you to have "0 great friends said" - thought it would be nice if it at least said "1 great friends said". Anyway - love the beachy dresser. Good luck on the outcome. Check out TheSmithGarage to see my ongoing projects for Mrs. Smith.

  3. This is such a great idea! I'm a beach-lovin' girl so I may have to buy this one from you... I've got to get to Cline's to fill my overwhelming need to pack my garage full of projects :)