Freezing but thinking of { SPRING }

Baby it's cold outside. 
We went from sunny in 60's on Sunday when everyone on the block was outside working to lordy lordy it's windy and in the 20-30's yesterday and today. 
But on that glorious Sunday we did some preparing. 
I got the idea to move the kids fort space out of the sunny area and put it into the yard.  
Because that area gets the most sun as we are surrounded by neighbors trees.  

Lets backtrack..I have been going more towards natural foods.  We buy farmers market and last year we were in a food co-op where we received a large box of food on a weekly basis from area farmers.  We have dabbled in gardening here and there but this year we are going for broke so to speak.  We are going to grow our own and we will can and freeze all that we can. 
After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in September it has come to my attention how many canned items are overflowing with sodium and sugar..both no-no's on the diabetic and high blood pressure diet.  
So au natural is how we are going to try to roll. 

That being said we needed a large area to garden thus the rearranging of the back yard.  
We got that fort moved, hubby tilled the whole area- we had tons of leaves in there so he tilled them in to feed the soil.  We put up a fence to keep the dog out when we start growing things. (This fence was put back up in the exact spot it was in when we took it down about 6 months ago. Nothing new was done to it)
And this is how the area looks now:

  I will paint the fence white to match the other fence.  It will have climbing roses planted along the fence with sweet peas to cover and look wonderful. 
Along the two side fences it will hopefully have some espaliered apple and pear trees planted.
It will need raised beds and walkways and hopefully this weekend when it warms up I can plan those out.

 It is a large area so that is why the back is being reserved for a green house.  A home built one using recycling as out main source.  Old doors, windows etc.

But I have visions of what it will look like and of course pinterest helped me get some to share. 

Do you have any ideas brewing for when the weather warms up?  
Are you enjoying all the seed catalogs arriving at your house? 
Any tips for us starting this?
Stay with us and I'll share the potager journey with you.

(the red area was added to clarify for the stalkers (what they do and actually their last names- losers)  that are reading my blog and making complaints to my Historic district and to let the staff who sends out the harassing violation letters that the fence was there.  Not a new thing just put back up after being taken down. )


  1. I can't wait! You know I will help any way I can.

  2. I can just see all that wonderful produce growing there! I love that you have that area for the garden and those inspiration pictures are to die for! I grew up on a farm with orchards, gardens, cows, etc and we were almost completely self-sufficient and I would give anything to have that for my kids. Right now, I'll just dream and watch your garden grow!


  3. That will make a fabulous garden space, Tammy! Square foot gardening IS the way to go. It's easier to weed, seed, and feed - as well as harvest - from that type of setup. AND, if you plan to grow organically, it's easier to find and destroy those pesky pests. ;)

    I would love to have you join me at Time Travel Thursday some time. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  4. I am looking forward to seeing your progress, I have been wanting to do a raised garden also. Good luck, I love the last greenhouse.

  5. Beautiful inspiration Tammy...I am sure what you come up with will rival those photos!!