a bit cat-e-wompus here

Just a heads up that I am once again switching things up on here.  I tried one blog with business, fun stuff, projects and family.  Then I was perusing all the "big" blogs out there and noticed that they kept their business stuff separate so I thought I should. But after trying to do two blogs I am fully aware that it is too much for me and also not as fun.  I like including the sporadic family stuff - it is me.
I am first a mom, then a business person.  I do projects first in my home then for business.  So, the blog should be that too.
So, I am going back to being me..it may not be what "the big girls" do but it is me.
That being said- there may be lots of updates on the feed as I import the family posts..so bear with me.  I'll get them all done by tomorrow morning. 

what changes are you making on your blog?  And do you try to keep it strictly one thing or mesh it all together?


  1. Mine is all chucked in together too. I started this blog so I would have an online presence for my business. I too, am a Mum first, and what is going on in my life plays a part in where I am at with my business. I think the ones that share this stuff are the ones I most enjoy reading, as you feel like you 'know' a bit of the person behind the 'brand'. That equals integrity for me. It may not be the most 'professional' way to run a business, but it works for me :)

    xx Karen

  2. I have some plans to clean things up a bit and make it more user friendly. Do you do all of yours yourself or do you have someone who builds your blog?

  3. LOL! I noticed that last night but you are good!! It was fun reading those as well!

  4. cat-e-wompus.... my grandma used to say kitty-wompus! I can't imagine trying to keep up two blogs and I for one like to see a bit of something personal on blogs... since none of us are just made up of our "professional lives"!


  5. I couldn't agree with you more! I do notice that even the big girls include family stuff on their blogs as well, so don't feel like they ALL do. I just found yours blog today & I'm your newest follower.