Olde Tyme Marketplace part two

At the end of the previous post I had shown you basically most of the front room.  But not all there was so much to take in.  Now I'll share the back/side room with you- still more eye candy to behold. You can see part one of this tour here.
Is this not just timeless? 
 Look at all that is going on in this display?  I told you layers upon layers.

 Burlap coffee bags, ticking, ahhh just gorgeous.

 We both loved this laundry cart though neither of us left with it :(

This was Ashley's love.  She wanted it and zoned in on it only to see the tag:
"not for sale at this time".
Funny Ashley said, "wonder if it is for sale at 2?"
Beth told us it is for her office but if it doesn't work then it goes up for sale.  

 This is the cabinet I measured to see if it will work in that spot in my bathroom that I can't find anything to fit in and I bought something out of this photo.  Can you guess?

 Beautiful Angels. 
And this sled, I am still wondering if it was a bad move to leave it there.  I LOVE IT. 
That was our fun for Sunday.  We have decided that we need to go out again- Ashley has not been to Sleepy Poet, Gibson Mills, Cline's or even to an Ikea.  The Charlotte area is beckoning her to come explore so we will plan more trips in the future. 
Until then we can look at our pics from Olde Tyme Marketplace and remember the good stuff. 
Where have you shopped lately? 

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  1. It has been a pleasure to see your wonderful pictures of Beth's shop. I have been a big fan of her blog and would love to visit her shop. Unfortunately it's a bit far from Florida!

    Thanks for sharing and may you have a very Merry Christmas,

  2. Tammy!
    Oh my goodness! These blog posts have been wonderful! THANK you so much for all the kind words. I am thrilled you were able to come and that we could meet.I am also excited to be your newest follower on your wonderful blog!!