a trip to Olde Tyme Marketplace

I finally had the pleasure of making it down to Olde Tyme Marketplace owned by Beth.  I had been a follower of her blog for a long time and I even tried to visit the store when my bestie Liz was here in October but we arrived right after closing time.  This time I took a friend from the neighborhood, Ashely, who loves chippy, white, peely, vintage stuff just like I do.  It is a bit of a drive from our little town to Marshville- about 2 hours.  But we chatted the whole time.
Then we walked in and saw this:

 First the basket is enough right?  But how cool to have almost neutral candy canes..I am so going to incorporate this into my house next year. 
All of the displays were amazing.  Ashley said it best:  "this is the kind of store you have to wander around in many times so you can take it all in"  Very true.  

 She had street signs that all had Christmas evergreen tree names.  Loved that little touch.
Lots of chippy, rusty treasures to want to buy. 

Amazing cabinets and things hanging from the ceilings.  It was a sensory overload but in a good way.  We wandered and looked all over the place.

 Her displays were layer upon layer of wonderful items.  Beth certainly has the talent for displays..they were beautiful and unexpected all at the same time.
Do you see that white wagon?  I love that.  Need to find an old wagon and paint it white.

 That large scale is a must have but where to put it? hmmm

I adore this bucket..wouldn't it look good with a bucket full of hollyhocks?

 And these sure made me wish for spring.  I love to garden.

These windows with the words on them were wonderful.  I wish I had a place to put them.  And all of her greenery had bells on them.  Not just plain old bells, but white glittered bells.  Yes glittery whiteness - ahh heaven.
Check out that cabinet- see all that chippy peely whiteness? 

That's about half of what we saw..I will show the other room later on. 
And I'll show you what I brought home too. 
Now don't you want to go hang out here?  
Beth was wonderful.  She was warm, friendly and funny on top of it all. 
She spent time explaining her Sunday at the market events she holds April - October and she even had me agreeing to do them.
Now I have more stuff to work on but it is all good. 


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  1. This store looks great! Makes me want to visit... Oh, and that basket, I love it! Took the plunge and finally ordered the chalk paint from Shades of Amber! Thanks for referring me. Can't wait to start painting as I've been collecting furniture already!