sisters space

Wanted to share with you my sisters space. First here is her business card I designed for her:

Her style is whimsical with tons of fun.  
So we did a fun business card.  
I then kept looking at this space she has for her paintings and tried to think of a way for it to SCREAM her.
It was a green wall and we did paint it out neutral but it just was so boring.  I can not leave well enough alone so even though we were building my space I kept thinking of how to do hers.
Here is what I came up with, I wanted it to be fun like her so I made a frame of the polka dots and did a sign.
My hubby actually said the sign needed to have some dimension to add something more to the flat wall so he installed it out about 3 inches using spacers.
She is off on Thursday from her job at Michael's and we will be filling her space with her artwork.  You are going to love it so don't worry I will be sharing pictures with you.
Take a look at her blog and show her some love if you don't mind.

until later, 

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  1. loving the polka dots
    I am obsessed with polka dots this season and red so I love it! :)