National Night Out 2011

Our little historic district had National Night Out on Tuesday.  It was so hot but it went well.  Kudos to Ashley Jewell for the AWESOME job she did planning and executing it.  Only one thing needs to change- we need to have ours in October like Texas does- it is too dang hot to have this kind of thing in August.
There was a food tent for all.
Of course my daughter who hates hot dogs informed me that she hates our hot dogs that Mr. Paul does them great.
Ashley made things for kids and the theme was Pirates - arrrghhh.
Can't go wrong with this now can you?
Two of my favorite guys just and son.
And nothing would happen in this neighborhood without the ever giving couple:
and his better half- Nancy
Thanks to all those who helped and came out.  Yes it could have been cooler but it was fun all the's to next year - hopefully in October.
till the next get together - tammy

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  1. Sounds like your family is keeping busy. Lord knows it is too dang hot here to do anything outdoors! Forecast says we will be up to 124 tomorrow. yikes! Hope your week is good. Tammy