Dining Room Lovelies

I have had so much fun painting with the Annie Sloan Paint.  
I am finished with the secretary it just awaits the wax then some distressing. 
I decided I needed the kit so I ordered 3 more quarts of paint, get the two different waxes, the wax brush and the book.  
Meanwhile, since it is hotter than hell and muggier than a steam room at a spa;  I cleared out the dining table (which itself is horrendous and needs a makeover) and put it to the back screen porch. That way  I could bring in some dining room lovelies that need a makeover for Cameron Day.
Here is the hutch - I like to call her Elizabeth :
She has nice curves and lots of details that will shine once painted.

Everything about her screams girlie..well except those knobs..those have to go.

Then we have Eloise, the girlie sideboard:

Here hardware is gorgeous only bad part is one is missing so I have to figure out something for that mishap.  

She also has some nice looking gams. 
I haven't decided on colors yet.  I am leaning towards a grey for the sideboard but we shall see. My paint should arrive this week. 
I have a bit of Old White left, then have a full quart of both Duck Egg and Country Grey.  I do not like the Country Grey- too green for me so I might just do some custom mixing and make it something I love.

check back with you later with the afters, 


  1. Looking forward to your updates/reveals on these great pieces.

  2. This is a great piece and I think gray will look wonderful, maybe dry brushed with some white.


  3. I can tell that Elizabeth and Eloise are gonna be real beauties once they get their makeovers. You sure are keeping busy. Have a great week. Tammy

  4. Those "girls" are going to look so pretty all painted up!

  5. I can't wait to see how they turn out, I just know they will be stunning! Happy painting, and happy sewing! t. xoxoxoo