You are invited...

Well today is Monday so it is officially 5 days till my show. 
Yeah I am freaking out.
I have been so busy working on the house there and also trying to squeeze out some stuff for the show.  I am in the last week so it will be a frenzy of confusion here.
I'd like to extend an invitation to all that can attend.
 Not only will we have furniture and many small items but the house is also for sale.  There will be furniture and other items throughout the house as well as in our tent out front.
I hope you can join us and take home a little something- something.


  1. Good luck Tammy!!! I wish I lived closer....I'd definitely be buying one of those bags. ;)

  2. I think I have my Mother's Day present!!! A shoppin day without the 'Yahoos'. See you there!!

  3. You are one busy woman! Hope you have a very happy Mother's Day, Tammy! blessings ~ tanna