Tattered & Timeless Show was AWESOME....

Our show was yesterday and after weeks of working on items and long nights I was too tired to post last night.
It was an awesome show and open house.  We held our show in the front yard as usual and had the house open for possible buyers and just the average nosy one to look at it.
I had the best show yet - which was strange as the spring show is usually less crowded for us. 
Almost all the furniture pieces are gone, all my tea cup bird feeders are gone, all the bags I made were gone early on.
Sorry the pictures are not the best but here goes.
The tent set up:
Notice the tea cup bird feeders in the front.  Wow they sold fast.
The back wall is dark pegboard that allows my sisters art pieces to show well.  Wondering if it needs to be painted white..hmmm

My ladder back chairs with numbers always sell so quickly.  Have to find more of those things..

I introduced some color this show. I usually go mostly white with color in the accessories but while painting furniture I got a bit of a craving for some color- so turquoise, watermelon and green found their way onto some bigger pieces.

My mom taking a break on the porch, my sister and daughter manning the check out.

Notice the big bulletin board- that sold well.

I made some birds from chipboard covering them with scrapbook paper then I hung the birds from the rafters..to promote spring..Some people wanted them so we allowed them to cut them and buy them. 
This table and chairs did not sell unfortunately.

There is the watermelon chair.  And the two dressers sold- thank goodness didn't want to haul them back. 
My sister fills the walls with her art and it adds such color and character.
Here are a few of her pieces:
 one for the military:
and one of the styles of her listings of the North Carolina beaches...
visit her blog here:

Now it is time to enjoy some time off- a short time. But then it is back to work-
Fall show is just around the corner.


  1. oh it looks like a fun show!!
    So glad to hear that it all went well for you.
    I think the turquoise pieces would really do well, that color is so in right now.
    It was worth all the long nights and work.

  2. Happy Mommy's Day! Relax & Enjoy!! You deserve it! Beautiful show.

  3. it looks utterly amazing- all of it! i am so happy for you that it was a success! happy mother's day!!

  4. Tammy, all of that looks great! I can tell you have been sooo busy!I am not sure I knew you were going to move. Are you staying in the same area or relocating?

  5. I wish I was closer, I would have love to come. I see lots that I would have loved to come home with!


  6. What a great show! Fabulous displays full of beautiful items!
    Sounds like you had fun too...so happy for you!!

  7. Oh I recognized some things there Tammy and if I were there girl, I would have bought lotsa stuff! I hope it all went good for you and you had FUN most of all! Now, are you going to go Etsy or what eh? I think you should...

  8. So glad your show was a success, Tammy! It was fun to see a number of the pieces you got from me in those pics - finished with your creative flair, of course. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage