I know.  I know.  It has been forever hasn't it?  I had a busy spring break with the little ones - we did lots of fun stuff and not so fun stuff.  And then big stuff happening.
We have decided to sell my sisters house in Cameron.

Yes it is a wonderful old 1878 Queen Anne Cottage but those old homes have maintenance issues that a single girl is just not up to doing. She also feels secluded out there and always wanted to be closer to us so she could see the kiddos.  
So, we have been doing all those "I'll do them later" project so we can list it for sale on Cameron Day- May 7.

But along the way I have managed to do a bit of Cameron work for the booth, a lot of gardening.  And figured I'd jump back in this blogging world with a picture I took with the phone today walking from the driveway to my back door. 

Aren't the lady banks roses beautiful?  
They finally have covered my arbor.  I love them so much.


  1. Your roses are GORGEOUS Tammy!!

    I want an arbor just like that someday! I'm putting in a fence as soon as the weather improves...and I've been pricing them to add to my landscape/fencing project. :)

    Your sisters house is adorable! But I do know what you mean about old houses. My ex and I rented a 1920's home for about a year. There was constantly something needing worked on. I was told it was 'drafty' when we moved in. But the last straw for me was when I went to make my ex and daughter a bowl of ice cream with Magic Shell one winter....and the Magic Shell had actually hardened in the cabinet because it was so cold in the kitchen!! That's not drafty....that's just COLD! ;)

    I love the look of old homes...but you have to be handy and patient.

  2. Hi Tammy!

    Your arbor looks just beautiful! Missed your posts!

  3. Found your blog today and wanted to say hi! I love your sister's house, it's so pretty, and your roses are beautiful!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Gorgeous picture! I hope to have an arbor like that eventually. I can't imagine being able to see God's green earth under my floors. I'm sure you will be happy to have your sister closer to you!