On break with the kids

My two youngest are on a year round calendar so we are out for 2 weeks. 
We will be doing a bit of this:
Warrior fighting!!
 Ninja training.
 Sword wielding.
 Visiting the train park.
 Climbing up too high..
 Ringing that bell.
 Pretending to be conductor.
 Smiling for mom.
 Being blog fodder for mom.
 And even with all that fun I still have time to:
spray paint some stuff blue.
or white.
And also to make some cool price tags for Cameron Day using a graphic from the
Graphics Fairy. 
All that is just week one.
We still have Ikea to hit, the library to go to and big Camelot park.
The fun never ends.
But because we are so busy here I won't be here much. 
Enjoy spring - she is officially here tomorrow- March 20th.
Happy Spring.


  1. Have a great time with the kids. I think we are doing the Anthropolgy Museum as our big outing and the library, the park by the river, ice cream cones and whatever else seems to fit in this week.
    - Joy

  2. Looks like you're in for a great time! I must admit, I miss those holiday weeks when my kids were young. It was a good time to slow down and reconnect!


    ps have a fabulous time at IKEA!! My daughter and I recently went and had the $1 breakfast for the first time. I can't believe they sell it for a $1!