the ferguson house part 2

Well blogger drove me crazy last post and fought me on every picture upload..arrrghhh so this turned into a two part post..see previous post for the beginning of the show.

We ended in the kitchen looking towards the sun room.  So on with the show.. 
 You can see the sun room way over is a closer shot:
It has a brick floor and tons of stained glass windows on all sides.  This is the left side which faces the front of the house and the side garage.
This one is the right side which has french doors to the back yard.  I love this room so much.  I would use this as our dining room as it is right off the kitchen and it would be a great place to have a big table to do crafts on- who could be unhappy in a room with all this glass and sunshine?

Now we are looking back into the kitchen from the sun room.  So we will head to the three bedrooms now. 
 Lets head to the bedrooms- here is a shot from the kitchen towards the front door:
This is the master bedroom:
 It is a rather large room.  It has lots of sunlight. 
 Here you can see into the area that is the master bath.  It has had its doorway widened and the door taken off and all the "bath" items removed for more space to showcase items for sale.
 But the area is huge so putting a rather nice master bath in would be great. Of course the area would have to include a closet as all three bedrooms are lacking on those. 
Here is a peek at the proposed bath/closet area:
 This is the left side of it...where we'd put in a closet.  I'd also have to lose the stained glass window though- a plain one would suit the bedroom better. 
 This right side is where the bath would go.  Notice the mirror above the chest of drawers?  That is the original mirror that went over the sink.. It is quite a sizable space for a bath- I think a claw foot tub, shower, dresser with a sink dropped into it and a toilet - all with some subway tile and it would be great. 

Next we head to the remaining two bedrooms.  This is the middle room:
 It is the smaller of the two but still a good size room.  It does have very low ceilings - kinda felt claustrophobic but nothing a good sledge hammer couldn't fix :)
 This is the left side of bedroom two - you notice the door?  It is the entrance to the second bath.  now I am sure no one likes having to enter a bedroom to use the bathroom so that doorway would have to be closed up and move the entrance to outside the room.  Upon checking that out - not a problem at all as there is a closet there so works out great.

Now the last bedroom:
 The store has it set up as a dining room.  It has windows on two sides so lots of light and is quite the darling room.  It overlooks the front porch.  Not loving the ceiling but hubby says a bead board ceiling would suit the room nicely.   It also has a tiny - very short door about 5 1/2 feet tall off to the left that connects to the next room..that would be closed up for sure. 
 All the furniture is for sale too...hmmm what is turning your head? 
And one last shot of the front of the house:

I love it.
It has all our criteria.
1. Old with character
2. Needs work that we can do.
3. Smaller so the family can live more as a family 
4. In a cute small town
5. Small cost so we can have no debt sooner 
6. Down the street from my sister
7. An old kitchen that needs total gut so I can have the one I love
8. A nice yard - not too small but not too big
9. Garage for a guest house and a workshop for hubby
10. Good bones and the potential to be a beauty.
11. No stairs - I love decorating stairs but my knees hurt climbing them.

I'd say it is a win win.
Now I just have to do the money books and see if we can swing it.
The one thing is - that we'd have 2.5 years to fix it up as we promised the high school son we would not move him from his school and he has 2.5 years.  
I think that is fine- we can work on it slowly and get it "just right".

What do you think?  Should we be brave and buy it?   


  1. OK Tammy - love the floor in the sun room (with a rug though...) and love the big windows throughout the house - it does let a lot of sunlight in and I think that is very important! Also love the guest house (for me!) and the outside is just darling!!! You would need your picket fence though from your house... oh and #5 & #6 on your list very important too! What are the cons though?

  2. Tammy- What's not to love- it beams with old charm- AND right down the street from your sister? I'd say go for it!

  3. What a beautiful and charming house!! I can totally see it fixed up as a home for your family!! I say... GO FOR IT!!! :)

  4. Go for it!! I want to live vicariously through this whole project. You have great vision and great taste, so yes, by all means jump into it!

  5. I say, what are you waiting for... it is the cutest place from the outside and you already have tons of ideas for the inside! And that sunroom alone would convince me!


  6. Hey, you should be in real estate you have ME wanting to buy that house! If you can make it work I think it is a perfect plan. Love every nook and cranny, that sun room is amazing! I this is your dream home!

  7. I am laughing because I have been in this house before! I kept wondering why it looked familiar!!!! I won't mention WHERE it is on a public blog but let me say- GO FOR IT. Every time I have been here I have fallen in love with it and the community. Just the sound of my feet on the old floors does something to me. Gorgeous. Get it.

  8. Oh Tammy, It's a charmer! I say, get to it! I've never seen so much character in a house. It's so you! I think with your vision, it would be one incredible house. Less strain on the pocketbook is always good, too. I hope you buy it. I'd love to follow the changes you make to it.

    Take care,

  9. Beautiful house...If you love it and can afford it I say buy it!
    I tell you what really caught my eye..and if you buy the house I would do everything in my power to work that into the deal somehow... is the HUGE butcher block table that's in the sun room. I have never seen one that MUST obtain it gorgeous!
    Good luck with the house I hope everything works out perfect! P.S...get the table...LOL

  10. Follow your is too short!

  11. it looks like the perfect house, not too big, not too small. It sounds like it is perfect for what you want and need, good luck!

  12. That's a heartgrabber...I say grab it while you can!


  13. My sister and I try to hit Cameron at least once a year and she has gone to Cameron Days (in the fall?)several times. I love it!!! Such charm and the folks are so sweet. I'm hoping to go this spring at some point, I'm on the hunt for more ironstone:)

  14. Sweet as pie so much character PERFECT!!