the ferguson house part 1

Well we went to see the house today.  I had seen it already and it is a store right now not a house.  But I wanted hubby to see it.  It was a bit bigger than we thought around 2000 sq feet which is fine.  

Let's preface this with - hubby has no vision unless I give him one.  He does see the nuts and bolts so to say though.  He sees major things like foundation, rot and all the unpleasant things where as I focus on what it could be.  He is practical and I am a dreamer.  But we do discuss it all and figure out what is good and what is just no good at all. 

On with the tour. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house.  With a kitchen that opens to a family room and a sun room. There is a second living/dining room and a laundry room. It has a garage and a storage building.  It has central air and heat and a wood burning fireplace (or two).  It has a front porch and a big back yard. 

This is as you come in the front door.  They blew out the ceiling to the rafters. Love it.
Not really digging the circle window someone added- told hubby if we buy it might have to go bye-bye. Ditto with the brass chandy.
We both love the stone fireplace.  It is the only thing that separates the two big rooms.  It used to be closed in but they opened it up a bunch.  I like it. I do think I'd prefer some built ins on the far wall to close that part off. 
This is as you go into the next room that shares the fireplace.  It has a lower ceiling than the other but it is open to the kitchen. 
This is as it approaches the kitchen- see all that that. 
This is the same room but as you look into the kitchen.  We would probably make the opening a bit smaller so it can hold more cabinets in the kitchen and have bar stools with a counter in this room. 
This is the kitchen- the side that oversees the "family room". Notice very little cabinets, no sink, no stove or fridge -yep they are all capped under the house but they are taken out. No biggee though as I feel the kitchen is a total gut and redo.  If you look back there you see the sun room.
Under the table that is in front of us is where they had the island that housed the sink.  And the table behind us is hiding the fireplace- yes a fireplace in the kitchen.  

Well blogger is driving me crazy with loading pictures tonight - have been trying for over 3 that is it for the tour tonight.  I'll do the rest tomorrow..
You're going to love the sun room.


  1. Hello,
    Unless your man is a Handy Man that loves his home and wants to please his wife and do all the up keep I say go for it. My husband and i had a 1927 cottage bungalow and we were madly and patiently in love with our home and did project after project 4 kids :). We then moved to a larger home that was in a development with HOA and we HATE IT!! we want our quaint home back.


  2. Ohhhhh ~ this place has good bones.. It would me marvelous~;-) We are moving as well ~ we have to sell ours ;-(

  3. I hate when blogger does that, I just walk away and go back later. First I want to shop in that store LOL! The house had me at the front porch...I love the whole house, even that little circle window!


  4. Cannot wait to see more photos! My husband and I are like you two... I'm the dreamer he's mister practical :)


  5. This looks A MAZE ING!!! What a before and after you would have from store to home. I hope it works out I can not wait to see it!

  6. It looks fabulous! I can see why you are in love. The mortgage broker in me wants you to make sure the zoning allows it to be used as a house or commercial. I assume there are other homes nearby that are the same - multi use? You'll need a few if you do purchase it to use as comparable sales. Once you guys decide, talk at length with a realtor and lender about this unique property. Just gorgeous!

  7. Wow. So far it looks big in the inside, defiantly not what I expected!! niCe :D I cant wait to see more!

  8. I like the fact that you have a vision.... too bad it's got all that clutter, I need to see a clean slate and envision my own stuff there. I'm sure you could do it up and make it fabulous though!

  9. It's even cuter than I remember, although I have to admit- once I saw the sunroom that is pretty much all I can remember!! Love it.

  10. Loads of charm and tons of potential! I am so curious to know your husbands reaction and to see the rest!

  11. This is a gorgeous home! We have five YOUNG children (ages 4-8)and we do well in a house that is only 1800 square ft. It is all in the storage and how you make your house a home. You can totally do this!

  12. I say go for it! Can't wait to see more!

  13. Soooo full of charm! You'd make this place look so amazing- as if it didn't already! What fun! Keep us posted....