What a white wonderland to awaken to...

We had all the plans- we were leaving the house at 6:30 to hit Target, Joann's, Michael's and more..
But Mother Nature forgot to send us the memo and we awoke to this:

 The kids loved it, 

The dog loved it, 

 Oh well we can shop another time, this only happens once in a great while.
It was for the best anyway.  We finally hit town and half the stores just chose to take another day off and not open.  This is rare for NC- kinda the reason we moved down south - to get away from these northern storms.  
oh well. 


  1. oh it is just beautiful, what a great ol fashioned christmas story.
    My brother is trapped in NY because of this storm, but he is loving it as well!
    Have fun

  2. I believe you had a white Christmas! It looks just beautiful! Enjoy and make memories!! From an Ohio snow gal!

  3. Wow, a white wonderland is right! It's beautiful! My aunt and uncle live in Clemson, SC. Can't believe all the snow out East. Enjoy it! Hope you'll be able to hit your favorite spots tomorrow :) xx ~M

  4. Oh Tammy I'm drooling! Last year we had alot of snow for our area, nothing this year yet, but it was 26 this morning. Your house is beautiful as usual, love it covered in snow!

  5. A beautiful winter wonderland! We are so used to extreme heat here that our night time temps of 50 feel really cold around here. I can't imagine snow! Stay safe warm and cozy. Blessings, Tammy

  6. Jack's rosy cheeks are adorable!

  7. This looks wonderful. We have snow but not as much as you have. A good day to sip hot chocolate and dream ;)

  8. Your house looks so cozy and inviting sitting there in the snow! We might get some flurries over the weekend but that is about it. Hope the rest of your week is happy!

  9. May your New Year be filled with many Blessings and abundances of Joy for 2011. From my mountain to yours, Until next year
    Hugs and Smiles Gl♥ria

  10. Wow! That is a lot of snow for NC! That last picture is amazing! I love when snow first falls, but then I get tired of it real quick!

    Have a Happy New Year!


  11. Hi Tammy, thank you for the lovely comment on my post. Your booth looks just amazing! I have enjoyed your projects for a while now, just love visiting, hmm better follow now shouldn't i? hugs tami