An end to a year and a business dream.

Lets see, the booth space looked like this in August:

This is Hubby working in the terrible heat of August constructing the walls for the booth- 

 Here he is putting it all together- remember I had just had surgery so could not help much except in a supervisory role.

 Here it is all done except the ceiling treatment.

 Here she is in all her glory.  I loved that booth - it was my baby. 

And sadly, this is what happened to her today.  Today we had to take her apart.  My lease is up the end of January but we had time now to do it so we did.  

 Very bittersweet indeed. She is empty with bare walls that the paint doesn't match on, she has no personality or wonderful ceiling or chandelier anymore.  She just has furniture in it that is on clearance in hopes that I don't have to haul it home.  She is naked and has lost all her luster...all her joy. 

An end to a year and an end to a business dream.
**edited to add: This is not the end of all dreams just this one.  I still have many business dreams that have not come to fruition.  I hope to see them someday.  This is just the end of this particular one.  I am down but not out.  I know I am meant to do this - I just need to keep my chin up and find a better locale for it to flourish. **

2011 I am going to focus on the home front more.  More on paying down a Home equity loan and more on home projects.  I will still do my two festival days in Cameron - in May and October - and may take a stab at etsy.  Otherwise I will wait out this down turned economy we have going on and always keep my eyes open to that new door or window of opportunity that may reveal itself to me.  
Here is to a calm and happy 2011.

What do you have planned for the new year?


  1. Oh Tammy, my heart just sank reading this. But like I said before there is a reason for you to move on.
    Good luck with your future projects
    my goals for the new year are watching my health more and giving back as much as I can to those in need.
    Happy New Year

  2. I know the feeling. Have been through it several times and have always said never again but if it is in your blood another chance will come. Your booth and creativity is beautiful but unless we sell $25 items for $5 it is hard to make the items move in this economy. Don't take it personally and beat yourself up for any reason. Timing was not on your side.

    Best in the future.

  3. tammy, have you thought about an etsy shop? you are so talented and creative, and i think like you said, teh venue just wasn't right. don't totalyl throw the towel i- you are too good for that!

  4. You know what I was thinking, since you did such a fabulous job at your booth maybe if it's possible you should eventually open your own shop. My goodness I can only imagine how beautiful it will be if this is just a small peek into what you do. Happy New Year to you and may new beginnings come your way, that's my new motto for the year!!

  5. Oh I am so sorry to hear that you must close your beautiful booth! I know exactly how that feels having had booths in the past myself. I loved watching your dream come to life and it was a wonderful dream indeed. I am sure you will find and fulfill a new dream in the coming year. All my best wishes to you and to new dreams!

  6. I am so sorry you have to close your booth, it's beautiful! I can't imagine how hard it was to make that decision, but you have to do what is right for you and your family. I wish you all the luck in the future and hope that 2011 brings you great posibilities.

  7. Oh Tammy, your post just touched my heart more than you know. You're so talented and I don't think it's an end to your dream. You could explore many other avenues in the meantime. I actually downsized my booth, today, so your post meant a lot. I've been doing it for years but I decided to go smaller and take on less for 2011. We have a house to work on, kids, etc.. etc.. Sorry for the rant! I believe good things are in store for you. Keep following your heart and talents! See, we truly are birds of a feather :)


  8. I look forward to your Etsy shop. And here is a wonderful idea... Road Trip! Utah has the biggest crafters show this side of the mississippi. It is over labor day weekend. It is called "Swiss Days". It is in Midway, Utah. Just above Park City (the 2002 winter olympics). Just over 100,000 people attended! And the women go crazy!!! And spend BIG BIG Bucks! And I know your goods will sell like wild fire here! I will be your cheerleader! And your first customer, as well as the 25 girls that come with me every year. And once word gets out about all your beautiful out! :) Go to applications due by Jan.31, 2011. I hope to see you here!!! BIG HUGS!!

  9. I only could visit your booth on your blog, but I loved it.

    I agree with some of the comments before mine - Etsy store + add a few more shows (at least 4 a year). You are so talented, you will do well.

    Also, it's very astute of you to get out of something that wasn't working for you. Some folks would have kept going. The experience wasn't wasted - it will help you hone in on something better!

  10. When one door closes another opens. When the time is right, the dream will become reality. Patience and being open to possibilities is the key to success. Wishing you much peace, joy and love in the new year that is just around the corner. Blessings, Tammy

  11. Tammy, my heart hurts for you, but I see a Bigger and Brighter future for you. You have so much talent and your dreams will come true!! Best of Luck and keep your dream alive!

    Connie from Four All Seasons

  12. Tammy ~ I just recently found your blog and I love to visit it. I know 2011 will hold things that will surprise you. With your creativity I have no doubt you will continue to inspire others. I agree an etsy shop would be fun!
    ((Hugs)) and Happy New Year!

  13. I wish you luck in your new path in the road. From seeing all of the work you put into your booth, I am sure you did your best and for that you should be very proud. I am sure that you will suceed in whatever you take on.

  14. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right (quote by Oprah Winfrey)

    You've got a great attitude girl - may 2011 bring you great health, happiness and prosperity.

  15. I'm sorry that didn't work out. It definitely wasn't because the merchandise was lacking! You had some beautiful things in your booth, and I'm sure once you find the right venue things will work out.

    Happy New Year!

  16. Darnit! I so wish I had a booth available for you right now! Raleigh would be a hike, but you would fit right into our look and do wonderful!! Keep your head up! Noone realizes how hard we work at what we love!! You will be back with bells on, I know it!!

  17. I know you are sad about this, Dear Friend. I can relate all too well. But, when the time is right, everything will fall into place for your dreams to become reality, and you will be happy that you made this decision when you did.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage