Vanity to desk

While at "a bit of couture" in Southern Pines, NC, I also found this vanity along with the child's desk/bench.  I initially thought I'd cut the two drawer units off to make two bedside tables as hardly anyone uses a vanity anymore. 
We got it home and started to sand it- well we had to take the mirror off first and do you believe that the previous person painted it with the mirror on?  Yuck so it ripped paint everywhere.  It had the most horrible paint job I had ever seen.  I have no idea what kind of paint it was but when we sanded the paint just rolled up into balls. 
It got paint off pretty well on top but under was one hard layer of some sort of primer.  After using too many sanding pads I thought- I bought a tub of stripper off the Internet that was supposed to be amazing - lets see how amazing it is. I got it out then put it on and the stuff is working wonders.
I decided that the vanity was perfect for a desk for me in my butler's pantry turned small office.
My old desk chair fit under it and it had drawers and was a bit girlie.
So, I am stripping it to get all the gunk off but will then paint the body cream with a bit of glazed and will stain the top a dark walnut color.
I of course forgot to get a true before shot but here is a during her strip routine shot :)

Notice all the carving and lines she has.  Well you could not see those with the paint on it they put it on so thick it filled those grooves. Shameful. 
Here are her front feet..I adore them.  So, girlie and detailed.  They are proving to be very difficult in getting the paint off but I must have gleaned some patience off my friend Liz.   

Well hopefully by the end of today she will be bare and naked.  Then I can start painting her and have her done by the end of the weekend to share.

Until then - keep you clothes on - only furniture stripping going on here. :)


  1. Can't wait to see it finished!!

  2. Hey Tammy,
    I just saw your vanity!!! I recently bought one that looks almost identical! I am jealous, though, because mine did not have a mirror. What are you going to do with yours? I can't wait to see what you do. Check out my blog to see mine. I just posted "before" pics yesterday!

    I enjoy your blog, by the way! :D