A room reclaimed & renewed

Well after all the mad crafting to get ready for the show Oct 2nd you can only imagine what a mess the studio was in.  Well I spent 2 long days reclaiming that room.  It is now renewed and ready to get creative again. 
Isn't she lovely?  Well I am sure it is short lived and will be a mess by the weekend. Ahh the lovely Chaos of Creativity.  

You will notice my lovely floor coverings - cardboard boxes?  Yes when I paint furniture in here I am not the neatest person.  So, these come in handy.  

I also usually have the vacuum in here as when I sand and distress my furniture I then promptly vacuum up the dust so it doesn't get on other projects.  Nothing worse than painting something and it has sanding dust on it.  What a mess. 

Well excuse me now as I try to get some projects done before Thursday's drive to the shop.  I decided to call it a shop instead of a booth - because well it sounds much cooler and it is so big and has walls so it pretty is much its own shop withing the mall.


  1. What a nice room you have. I love the big windows...I'm trying not to sound envious!!

  2. you want to come organize mine now? :) Just kidding.

  3. Oh that would be a dream!! I hope to someday have a room that looks exactly like that!! I'm jealous. mine however will not likely be as neat. :)