I need to be cloned. 
 I need more "me's".  It is the only way I will get all this stuff I need done by Saturday done .
No stress, it will all work out - I HOPE!! But that is why I am a bit scarce here in blog land. Please forgive me for that.
Hopefully next week I will be much better at all of this multitasking. 
Here's to hope right?


  1. Hi Tammy, Karen here from New Zealand :) I am a stay at home mum of two children, and I paint and upcycle furniture, running my wee business from home. I really admire you for taking the plunge and opening a booth...I would dearly love to have my own little shop/showroom one day but now is not the time with one child still a preschooler. I do wonder though, whether if and when the time comes, what I do will still be a passion or more like work....I absolutely love refinishing furniture but I also love doing it on my terms, in my own sweet time, not at the beck and call of a shop that is looking empty or a deadline of any sort...lots to think about!

    All the best with getting everything done, what a buzz it will be to have your booth open and ready to go!

    xx Karen

  2. I am with you , I would like two of me right now also ! I am trying to get many things created for an upcoming sale in Sept. I love your booth , it looks fabulous ! I love all the treasures you have created, I also have made pillows just like the "dream" one , I have a zillion white buttons and I love using them on pillows!
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog !
    The Little Things