A day of Manners

Yesterday was the annual Kindergarten "manners" field trip.  My son did this when he was in kindergarten 2 years ago and now it was Sophie's turn.  She was waaayyyy more excited about it than he was.  I guess dressing up is a girl thing.
The class had to wear dress up clothes and then they all went for "tea" to practice their manners.
They went to Ms Lacy's Tea Room in Sanford.  It was adorable.
Now if you know my little girl she is the true mix of tomboy and princess.
She had to wear her dance recital dress- she begged but then told me she of course was wearing her pink cowboy boots with them.  I told her you wear what you love. 

She then got "partnered" with an escort.  How cute

Here are all the couples walking in.  The boys were not too thrilled with having to have the girls on their arms.  It was so funny to see all the girls grabbing the boys arms over and over.

Time to be seated at a table for two..And well instead of tea they had pink lemonade with strawberries and a big cupcake.  Much better than tea I suspect. 

You notice here she forgot her mannerly way of sitting..I think she was hungry and tired of waiting.

When do we eat already?

Here is Sophie and her friend from preschool. Yes they are quite the fashionistas. 

And this is when the "meltdown" started.  Sophie decided she didn't want me to go home, she didn't want to go back to school, she wanted to go with me.  She started crying.  I told her it wasn't preschool that she had to go back to school.  She kept crying bless her heart so I had to leave so she could calm down. 

I found out she cried on the bus and the teacher let her sit with her and gave her lots of hugs. Sophie is one tough little girl - but unlike most little girls - she is a mama's girl.  And she can't stand to be away from me.  It is fine if she doesn't see me during the day - but if I show up then she wants to leave. It is nice having someone love you that much but I don't want her to be embarrassed by her crying.  So, my times at school are limited.
I couldn't miss this for anything though- even tears.


  1. Aww she looked adorable! Her escort was quite cute too- gotta love little red headed boys. :) That last picture is so sad looking. I am glad she has such a great teacher to hug and make her feel better.

  2. Oh my gosh she looked so adorable. I love the pink cowboy boots:)

  3. She is sooooo cute!!!! What a neat field trip.