Where Bloggers Create II

It's that time of year again.  The time for the tour of studios, spaces, rooms, or nooks- any place that is your space to create is going to be showcased.  It is time for - Where Bloggers Create
Karen Valentine from My Desert Cottage is hosting this again and it takes a lot of organization and time from her so please hit her site and look at the list of over 400 studios you can tour.
This is the second year for this and if it is anything like last year you are in for a treat and lots of eye candy.
So, sit back- get a sweet tea and enjoy the show.

Here is my studio.  I live in an old house that has a humongous formal dining room and living room.  We are not formal people so the two rooms barely got used.  I decided to get rid of the formal living room and just use our family room.  Then I moved the dining room in there and then this lovely huge room opened up for me to let the creative juices flow.
I love it. 

Here is my space.  I basically have it in zones.. There is the paper crafting, the sewing, the wood area, and then painting happens everywhere. This is  shot of the center of the room.  All the cabinets in here were reused from our kitchen renovation.  Even the island is stolen from the old kitchen.  Love the soapstone counter- very forgiving to hot glue and paint.  I adore my light I made to look like Heather Chadduck's.  You can see a tutorial for it here.
See all that stuff just waiting to be used to create?  It is a large room and also has the surround speakers wired up so music is a blasting while creating.  It has tons of natural light but man with it as hot as it is right now I'd sure like a bit of shade in here.  

Here is my cabinet system that is just like Pottery Barns but at 1/3 the cost.  I got it from Jc Penney.  My kids each have a set up in their rooms and I figured if it worked for kids toys it could work for mommy toys- so I ordered what I needed and put it all together and it is amazing.  I like the open cubes so I can see my fabric but also love the closed doors to hide ugly stuff - like zippers, thread, scissors etc.  I especially like the cork on the doors so I can put things up for inspiration that I need to work on before my October show.  The bottom drawers are awesome for all those big bags of fiberfill.  

I tried more this year when working on the studio to use things for storage that were beautiful as well as functional.  It really helps to have your space be useful but pretty.  I have all this silverware to work with and had it in a box but I love it so figured store it where I can see it. 

Fuzzy trim just looks so cute in a birdhouse don't you think? 

If you look closely and you were a little girl about 25 years ago or have a little girl now then you'll see my daughters Strawberry Shortcake art put on her crib's baby springs.  I am using the springs as a inspiration board.  I just hook things on it to see.  Of course her art is always fun. 

Can you ever have too much ribbon?  I think not. 

Ahh holiday ice... I love creating for the holidays - and ice seems so good in this sweltering heat. 

Jingle bells jingle bells..lots of jars of bells..

Remember that tease I did a few days ago with the picture of ruffles and asked you what it was..Well here it is.
I have this door area that is closed off and I have tubs of items that I must work on for October but gray plastic storage tubs are so ugly.  So, with this party I needed to make it pretty.  So, I put up L brackets and put a board on it then made this lovely "closet"  to hide it all.  It is made of a white drop cloth.  Sorry, It is wrinkled but I draw the line at using my iron except to iron on images and graphics :)
Here is what she is hiding...  See ugly tubs?

This side has a fireplace.  Of course we don't use it so the kids table is pushed up to it.  This is where Sophie and Jack create their masterpieces. 
On the mantle I have my sister's art.  It adds some bright color to the kids area.

And then closing out the room is my sewing table with inspiration board made from a screen.  You can see that tutorial here.    I made another burlap covered hanging light to go here also.

Notice the board against the wall?  That is my Christmas gift from my sister.  She took a bunch of old photos of my kids and put them all on there and then highlighted them with pastels..it is so amazing.  And I like having it here as I get tired of sewing I can always look over there and it makes me smile.  Okay not this week as they are driving me crazy but usually it works.

Next I have some shot of the small items through out the room.  This cabinet used to be my sisters.  I bought it off of her and then painted it.  It holds all the scrappy stuff- brads, stickers, etc...

Here is one of my carts that I am now using to hold paper, yard sticks, and wallpaper. 

Well that is the tour of my space.  Now realize that it does not include my small butlers pantry that is an office where I blog and work on the computer.  Nor, does it include the garage where I work on wood by cutting, sanding and painting.  But a girl can only get so much cleaned up for this shin dig. 
And with that being said - the room you just saw above that was so clean is now covered with frames being painted white and distressed.  Sorry the clean pretty time is up - it is now time to get dirty and create.
edited and added to:  OMG I have only got through the letter C on the list of creative places..
am glad to add that it is late sunday night and I made it through the letter T spaces..woo hoo only  UVWXYZ  to go.
Please go look at more as there are some amazing studios out there.


  1. What a wonderful space! Lucky you.

  2. WOW! What a great space to create. We'll look forward to seeing what comes out of that room!

  3. Tammy, your room is amazing! I have a huge formal living/dining room that we use as a den. I would love to convert it to my play space.... someday, a girl can dream can't she??? I can't wait to see what everyone is doing with their spaces. As for me, didn't get mine cleaned up in time, maybe next year. Thanks for sharing!

  4. HI Tammy! What a great room to be creative in. I like how you have separate and organized your things. This always eludes me...I put things in containers to organize it then I can't find it! Hahaha...I like your shelves and the glass jars where you see what you have to work with. Just great. Wonderful post.

  5. Tammy, great space you have here! And I am stealing your idea of hiding boxes behind pretty burtains. Don't know why I didn't think about it! Gorgeous space. Thanks for sharing!

  6. what a great space. My office space is supposed to be a formal dining room, but we don't need that either. I am just getting back to some sewing after a long time of not doing any, so fun to see all your fabric and everything else.
    I'm sure your kids love their space to create too!

  7. Wow! I think my jaw dropped- it's an amazing space to create in!!!! Beautiful--lucky you!

  8. Your room is beautiful. I love the natural light that you have. And, the shelves--you have it all arranged just beautifully.

  9. Your spaces is so big! Wonderful images. Love that cabinet for storing odds and ends.

  10. There is something magical about old houses and I love how you are using your space. I need to have my "stuff" out or I forget what I have and what I was going to do with it!
    Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  11. Ohhh that looks SO COOL in there, girl! You did a fantastic job you smart cookie - I could just hang in there all day with ya and watch you create!

  12. How beautiful!! You have a little bit of everything. Lucky Girl :)

  13. Oh my indeed. What a dream space!

  14. Wow, what a big beautiful organized space! Gotta be top on my list for next year to have everything in it's proper space....lol So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the party!

  15. WOW! I'm just speechless - it's amazing!


  16. I WANT your creative space!!!! WOW!

  17. Fun! What a wonderful place to create with your family. :)


  18. Oh, my gosh...your studio is absolutely awesome! I must admit that I am so envious! Love the windows, love the furniture and love the ways you organized! You are one talented woman! Oh, and that ruffled cover...kicks butt!!! Thanks so much for giving me a peek! In your spare time :), stop by my blog for a visit!


  19. Tammy,
    FABULOUS place! Those storage units you purchased are wonderful. I love the fact that you kept and repurposed the old kitchen cabinets. Those, along with your hardwood floors add so much charm to your space! BTW, am wanting to repaint some rooms in my house and love the color on your walls. Do you remember what it was? Xo, Sue

  20. You know it is nice to hear that your beautiful space does not always look like that. I am always surrounded by a mess when i am making something. Love the idea of using the cart for storage of paper rolls etc.

  21. Oh, I want it all! Just so very beautiful, Kristin xo

  22. Simply divine! Your creative place is fabulous...and I love the "playtime" banner...so perfect:)

  23. Tammy,

    What a terrific studio! A great space to inspire creativity. So many goodies to look at!
    Queen Bee Studio

  24. Hi Tammy!
    I'm not a formal person either, so I truly love how you used this space! It's wonderful! Thanks so much for taking me on a tour!

  25. You have a wonderful space to create. I loved every minute. Such great storage places. What I would give for a big room like that. Thank you for sharing. It is awsome!!!
    Hugs, Pat

  26. Oh woweee!! I love this room! The color is so warm and comforting. A place to stay for days!
    Thanks for the comments on my blog :)
    Have a good evening!

  27. You have a very charming room full of wonderful things to create with. Loved the tour!

  28. Hi Tammy, thanks for sharing your beautiful space with us, I love the shelving units and how tidy and organized you are with all those precious materials. I love pottery barn but they are really expensive, need to run to JC penny soon!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello, and last but not least, say a big THANK YOU to your husband that serving our country!

  29. Tammy, what a wonderful space to create in!!! And organized too!?!??! I too like having different zones for different functions...it works well doesn't it when multi-tasking?!!! Glad to hear that the studio is in creation mode again so soon - I wouldn't have been able to leave it in the hold mode too long either being surrounded by all the wonderfulness you have there!

    Thank you for the tour - we so enjoyed ourselves!

    Romeo and "her"

  30. Tammy, First of all I would like to say welcome home to your hubby and a big Thank you for serving your country!Your room is amazing! Love all the wonderful storage. The windows are to die for! I am lusting for your playtime banner. Thank you for sharing during this so busy time. Hugs, ~Robin~

  31. Wow! Your studio is huge! Great place to get some serious work done in!

  32. It's a terrific space! I have to admit I am into faux pottery barn and a mix of vintage like yourself! Not easy to pull off but I am who I am:) If you check out my studio, I don't think that style is especially there, it has another thing altogether going on........but my house in general reminds me of your work space and I LOVE IT!! Thanks for helping me know it can be done well!!! XO

  33. And its afternoon on a Monday and I'm only up to the T's! Love your space, especially the "concealing drop cloth". And I never thought of using a cart for holding wallpaper, brilliant! Although I do need to make a liner for mine....

  34. What a wonderful creative space!

    I adore your storage solutions. You have inspired me to work on my own crafting paradise.

  35. You've got a real workspace! So spacious and great organization--Thanks for sharing! Jacqueline

  36. Hi Tammy, thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my studio. I love yours! It is really awesome and huge. That cart with the liner is so fab. Great job!



  37. Tammy girl,
    What a great space! i haven't seen you over at the forest, and you said you got thru the p's already!! Where you be??
    Looks like you recreated Michaels! Lovely lovely!
    Congrats on hubby being home soon
    Thanks for having us over!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  38. What an awesome space to create in! Great organizational ideas!
    Best wishes,


  39. Tammy, this is amazing! What an wonderful place to create magic!

  40. Who gets that much space!!!! OMG! What is holiday ice? OK, so my room is small and boring, but if you get a chance drop on by!! It a appears from your previous post your going to be busy with hubby,,,Congrats and thank him from me!


  41. Oh my - I think I've died and gone to heaven! I so want your studio for my own. Thank you SO much for the tour!

  42. Hi Tammy,
    I just adore your creative space! What a fabulous room and so organized. I'm going to go back and look at all the pictures again. I don't want to miss a thing!

  43. Tammy, you space is just wonderful! Full of light and wonderful storage. My goodness, I'd love to have a space like that! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  44. Love you amazing space and all of that storage. The banner over the window is The Best! Thank you for sharing.

  45. Tammy Great Space!!

    I'll trade you some of YOUR light for my Cooler Northwest Temperatures!

    Love the way you used the baby crib mattress! Great idea!

    And you cracked me up about ironing the ruffles! I hear you! I have a hot fushia shower curtain in my bathroom with tons of ruffles that have yet to "See" an iron,,,,I kinda like it that way!

    Thanks for sharing,,,looks like you've already made it through the "Bs" and been my my blog, so have fun!

  46. What a wonderful room you have Tammy and so much space - love it.
    Thank you so much for visiting over at my place too.
    ~ Tina

  47. OMG.... I want to come over and PLAY! What an awesome space you have! Enjoy!

  48. this is just beautiful!
    you have a great
    eye for style. everything
    is a.dor.a.ble. the
    curtain to hide the
    green tubs?! genius!
    love it!

    happy day!

  49. Hi Tammy...nice to meet you! I'm late in getting by to visit but oh how glad I am that I stopped by! Your studio is amazing...simply amazing! Love the Playtime banner.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to see me....love your space!

  50. Fantastic studio so much to like..like the space the organization the island....Just wonderful. TFS!

  51. Wow, what a great room! You have so many beautiful things and it's so well laid out - crafting must be a wonderful experience in your room, especially with such beautiful light. Just terrific!

  52. Hi Tammy! You are way ahead of me! I am only now just getting over here! You are one lucky girl You have a an amazing studio filled with so many wonderful things. I love all the zones and your kids area is adorable.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us. I really enjoyed my visit!
    My Desert Cottage

  53. I'm so jealous. I love the hardwood floors, the space, storage ideas, the lights. Thanks for sharing and giving me so many ideas. I'm going to make a lamp for over my work table in my studio. Please stop by and say hello.

  54. What an amazing space to create in! I love the you recycled your kitchen cabinets adding other great finds to complete the space. Loved the lighting you made too, thank you for the tutorial link. How fun that your children get to share in your creativity. And last but certainly not least, your sisters art is amazing! What a great tour, thank you for sharing.

  55. I am finally out making my "Second" round, and stopping to chat!!! Your studio is amazing!! I just absolutely love everything!!

    Thanks for sharing!!! :)

    Kaniki's Prims & Whims....

  56. Your space is wonderful. I love all your storage pieces. Great space to create.

  57. Your studio space is very pretty. I love the contrast of the tan walls against the black and white furniture and white chair rail. Looks like a fun place to work.