3 days - only 3 days

Well only 3 days till hubby gets home...wooo hooo my sanity will make it I think.

Only 3 days till....
4 kids get hugs and kisses galore
I get a long overdue hug that I need
kids get bike rides to their hearts content
kids get rollerblading till knees are too bloody to skate anymore
kids get the pool non-stop
I get a break
I get to breathe
I get to get away and shop without kids:)
I get to sleep in for once
Yard gets finally edged the way I dont' know how to do it
My sprinkler head will be fixed so the yard doesn't die
we get to go to the beach
we get to go to ikea and get those heavy closet systems so our clothes have a home
I get to smell yucky coffee every morning brewing in the kitchen
I get to smell beer in the evening sitting on the porch

Hurry up three days... we are ready.


  1. I don't see how you do everything you do by yourself. Hope you two get to get away by yourselves too.

  2. How exciting!!! Here is to a happy homecoming and a few quiet moments, just for the two of you!!

  3. YAY!!! for you!!
    Please thank him for me!!

    Trusting that you will have some sweet days ahead.

  4. Aww Tammy that was sweet. Hugs, girl!

  5. I can feel your excitement. Big hugs for your husbands service and make sure you give him lots of kisses too. Enjoy every moment of your family being together again.

  6. How exciting!!!! I can feel your excitement too!

  7. OMgosh I think I am so choked up----so happy for you, happy for your family and a special hero!

  8. Great pic of Kirk! He cleans up well. I know you will be so glad to all be together once again! try to steal a bit of time for just you and Kirk too....maybe he can go to Homegoods with ya! hahahaha.....hang in there he will be home in just a few days .....
    miss ya bunches!

  9. I am excited for you! It makes me realize how much I take for granted and how much your whole family sacrifices so that your husband can protect and serve. Thank you and him and have a wonderful time. I hope he is home for good!!!

  10. This brings a huge smile for me. I bet you are so excited. have a beautiful homecoming and many happy days ahead.

  11. Oh how wonderful that your love is coming home. This brings me back to my days as a military brat. My Dad was always TDY. I would get so excited when he came home. But I think my Mom got the most excited. For all of the reasons your posted!! Give your hubs a great big hug and a thank you from me for serving our country. He is a hero.

  12. So excited for you and your family. I didn't realize you were a military wife. Thank you for sharing your hero with all of us and thank him from a grateful family here in the midwest. Was this his last tour? Enjoy your time together - you so deserve it.

    Thanks too for your thoughtful comment on my Iowa floods post.